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EN a tad

1. American English, colloquial

a tad (also: dash, driblet, mite, modicum)
a tad (also: dash, pinch, salt, sprinkling)

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TAD Pharma GmbH, Heinz- Lohmann- Strasse 5, Cuxhaven, D- 27472 Germany
EnglishTad Pharma GmbH Heinz-Lohmann Strasse 5, DE-27472, Cuxhaven Germany
Tad Pharma GmbH Heinz- Lohmann Strasse 5, DE- 27472, Cuxhaven Germany
EnglishTad Pharma GmbH, Heinz-Lohmann-Strasse 5 27472 Cuxhaven Germany
Tad Pharma GmbH Heinz- Lohmann- Strasse 5 27472 Cuxhaven, Germany
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EnglishWould it not be a good idea if the Commission, perhaps, were to write to the IPCC and suggest they get a new chairman, perhaps a tad better qualified?
Czy nie byłby to dobry pomysł, aby może Komisja napisała do IPCC i zasugerowała wymianę prezesa na nowego, być może bardziej kompetentnego?