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Or that we put him to sleep with a rattle like a little kid
Albo kłaść go spać z grzechotkami jak małe dziecko.
But their day will come, and it will be into the courtyard for all of us to the rattle of rifle bolts, and we will have richly deserved it.
Ale ich dzień nadejdzie, a my będziemy mogli na podwórku bawić się grzechotką czy łukiem i strzałami, na co sami całkowicie sobie zasłużymy.
rattle (also: clop, knock, patter, tattoo)
rattle (also: clatter)
rattle (also: rumble, crock)
rattle (also: rumble)

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EnglishThis is some effects that I did for "Wig, Rattle and Roll."
To efekty, które zrobiłem dla WIG, RATTLE AND ROLL.
Englishto rattle off
Englishto rattle off