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EN whiz

1. general

whiz (also: catcall, ping, toot, whistle)
whiz (also: whish, whistle, whizz, whoosh)
whiz (also: buzz, whizz, hum)

2. colloquial

whiz (also: nerd, boffin, maven, whizz)
spec {m} [coll.]

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English(Laughter) The Pop-Tart, the Pringle, Cheez Whiz, none of that stuff.
(Śmiech) Skittlesy, Pringelsy, Flipsy - nic z tych rzeczy.
English(Laughter) And as they whiz by you, it's like being passed by a little iron Raisinet going up the hill.
(Śmiech) A kiedy śmigną obok, to jakby wyprzedzała nas żelazna rodzynka w czekoladzie podążająca w górę.
EnglishWhen I was a kid, I was a calculus whiz.