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perverso {adj. m}
naughty (also: angry, damned, furious, mischievous)
danado {adj. m}
naughty (also: impish, mischievous, prankish, bratty)
travesso {adj. m}
naughty (also: disobedient, unruly, wayward)
desobediente {adj. m/f}
naughty (also: ill-bred, rude, lowbred, ill-mannered)
malcriado {adj. m}
faceiro {adj. m}
safadinho {adj. m} [coll.]
naughty (also: angry, damned, mischievous, bratty)
danada {adj. f}

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EnglishRS: Was Ivan being mean and naughty for taking Joshua's sandwich?
Video: R.S.: O Ivan foi muito mauzinho por pegar na sanduíche do Joshua?
EnglishI mean, Santa Claus knows if you're naughty or nice, right?"
Quero dizer, o Pai Natal sabe quando somos maus ou bons, certo?"
EnglishI am going to be a bit naughty here.
EnglishPerhaps something very naughty.
EnglishIt's less naughty than it sounds.
EnglishFaster, you naughty little monkey.
EnglishWe do of course return your good wishes, and, as for the Council, we will be ready on Twelfth Night to deliver great sacks of coal if they are naughty!
Retribuímos os votos de festas felizes e, quanto ao Conselho, presenteá-los-emos na Noite de Reis com sacos de carvão se se portarem mal!
EnglishI would suggest that to start with we concentrate on the 20 % where it is not the Member States who are the naughty boys, but the European Commission itself.
Para tanto, proponho que nos concentremos nestes 20 %, onde os Estados-membros não são os maus da fita, mas sim a Comissão Europeia.
EnglishFrankly, there is no point in treating Member States of the EU as naughty children, taking their toys away from them and giving them to some over-worked and inadequate new minder.
Francamente, de nada vale tratar os Estados-Membros prevaricadores como crianças endiabradas, retirando-lhes os brinquedos e oferecendo-os a outro sobrecarregado e inadequado utilizador.