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EN prostitute

  1. general
  2. vulgar

1. general

prostitute (also: harlot, pro, slut, streetwalker)
A girl whose mother had been a prostitute, and she was a prostitute, and a boy who'd been in and out of jail.
Uma rapariga cuja mãe tinha sido prostituta, e ela era prostituta também, e um rapaz que andava dentro e fora da cadeia.
Who, moreover, among those present in this Chamber would be pleased if his or her daughter were to become a prostitute?
Quem, aqui nesta Câmara, ficaria contente se a filha se tornasse uma prostituta?
Left the room to pee, and next thing we know... he's knocked out the bodyguards, killed Sung and the prostitute.
Só soubemos depois que tinha derrubado os guarda-costas, que tinha morto o Soong e a prostituta...
prostitute (also: slut, whore, ho, hooker)
puta {f} [vulg.]
Once they have, as victims, worked in prostitution, they are labelled prostitutes for the rest of their lives or, as the saying goes, once a prostitute, always a prostitute.
"Uma vez puta, puta para sempre."

2. vulgar

prostitute (also: whore, harlot, tart)
piranha {f} [vulg.]

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EnglishThey will steal, prostitute themselves or kill if necessary in order to obtain their required drug.
Roubam, prostituem-se ou, se necessário, matam para obterem a droga de que necessitam.
EnglishThere are children in the third world and here who prostitute themselves in order to eat.
Há crianças que se prostituem para conseguir algo de comer.
EnglishThere is a huge campaign in Bosnia and Kosovo to prostitute children, young children, both boys and girls.
Na Bósnia e no Kosovo fazem-se campanhas gigantescas de prostituição de crianças, de crianças pequenas, de rapazes e raparigas.
EnglishLuke, you men prostitute!