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EN to annihilate
[annihilated|annihilated] {verb}

to annihilate (also: to cave in, to crumble, to fall in, to ruin)
to annihilate (also: to allay, to annul, to appease, to baste)
to annihilate (also: to reduce, to nought)
a distruge {vb} (a nimici)
to annihilate (also: to destroy)
a detuna {vb} (a distruge)
to annihilate
a dărâma {vb} (a anihila)
to annihilate (also: to destroy)

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EnglishI believe that these are two extremes: neither should we annihilate tuna stocks nor should we destroy the sector that relies completely on it.
Consider că acestea sunt două extreme: nici nu ar trebui să anihilăm stocurile de ton, nici nu ar trebui să distrugem sectorul care se bazează complet pe acesta.