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artistry (also: art, craft, fine art, knack)
Acrobatic artistry acts & acting Single Handbalancing.
Arte acrobático y actuación Equilibrio sobre una sola mano.
Acrobatic artistry acts & acting Chairs (Act in rotation).
Arte acrobático y actuación Aro aéreo - Hibana.
Acrobatic artistry acts & acting Bamboo poles.
Arte acrobático y actuación Palos de bambú.

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EnglishAcrobatic artistry acts & acting Diabolo (act in rotation).
EnglishAcrobatic artistry acts & acting Aerial Contortion in Silk.
EnglishMr President, Mr Barzanti's report is an important one, and he has demonstrated some artistry in putting it together!
Señor Presidente, el Sr. Barzanti ha dado grandes muestras de habilidad en la elaboración de este importante informe.
EnglishAcrobatic artistry acts & acting Cloud Swing.
EnglishAcrobatic artistry acts & acting German Wheel.
EnglishAcrobatic artistry acts & acting Aerial Hoops.
EnglishWhat the media say about the show "I would recommend Dralion highly tothose who can appreciate the artistry and acrobatic talent displayed in the show.