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be implemented gradually
  • ser implementada gradualmente
  • implementarse gradualmente

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He said the project will be implemented gradually.
Imran also told the newspaper that while the subsidy rationalisation programme was necessary, it should be implemented gradually, taking into account "changing economic circumstances".
Some of these spaces have been located and will be implemented gradually.
The government had said the other recommendations would be implemented gradually.
The official said that teaching of regional languages would not be introduced in all classes at once rather the decision would be implemented gradually.
The president signalled that the draft bill on raising the tax-free income sum that he sent to parliament may be implemented gradually.
Analysts say any reduction in excise duty should be implemented gradually to lessen the impact on the used car market.
Meanwhile, a taxation expert said excise tax hikes needed to be implemented gradually to avoid destabilising the legal cigarette market.
The problem with the ban on women driving however is that it can't really be implemented gradually and therefore compromises will be difficult.
The reductions will be implemented gradually and in phases, the companies said in documents related to the acquisition published today.

Context sentences for "be implemented gradually" in Spanish

EnglishThe ban will be implemented gradually, with a total prohibition coming into effect from 2009.
Esta prohibición se introducirá de manera progresiva y a partir del año 2009 la prohibición será total.
EnglishTrade liberalisation needs to be implemented gradually.
La liberalización del comercio ha de aplicarse de forma gradual.
EnglishThat being the case, Commissioner, I would advise you not to come here and tell us that quota removal will be implemented gradually.
En estas circunstancias, señora Comisaria, yo le diría que ya no llega con que nos anuncie que la supresión de las cuotas va a llevarse a cabo de manera gradual.

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