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He has urged beach goers to be extra cautious during the current springtide.
Jamieson urged beach goers to swim between the flags and be extra vigilant.
Now with the holiday season looming, lifeguards will be back on duty this weekend to provide a reassuring presence for beach goers.
The weather so far this summer -- with its hot temperatures, sunny skies and almost zero rain -- has been ideal for beach goers.
Shark nets do not create an enclosed area within which beach goers are protected from sharks.
It's on days like this that beach goers are being urged to protect themselves and their skin with hats, water and sunscreen.
Restaurants have as much trouble as beach goers getting approval for facilities.
It's now becoming a tool for extreme sports enthusiasts, boaters, beach goers, and people from all walks of life.
Guernesiaise explained they live in coastal areas and so can cause particular problems to beach goers.
While there are never any guarantees when we enter the water, these facilities do provide beach goers with an option.

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