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EN to catch cold

to catch cold (also: to get tight)
to catch cold (also: to get cold)
enfriarse {vb} (coger frío)

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Englishto take your wet socks off, you'll catch cold
no te quedes con los calcetines mojados, que te vas a resfriar
Englishdon't go out like that, you'll catch your death of cold
no salgas así, vas a agarrar una pulmonía
Englishto put something around your neck; you'll catch cold
tápate la garganta, que vas a coger frío
Englishdon't come too close or you'll catch my cold
no te acerques, que se te va a pegar el catarro
EnglishSecurity issues affect us all: now when North-East Asia sneezes, we all threaten to catch a cold.
Las cuestiones de seguridad nos afectan a todos: en la actualidad, cuando el noreste asiático estornuda todos corremos peligro de coger un resfriado.
Englishwrap yourself up, don't catch a cold
abrígate, no vayas a coger un catarro
Englishwrap up well or you'll catch cold
Englishto catch a cold
Englishto catch a cold
Englishto catch a cold
Englishyou'll catch cold