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"to catch out" in Spanish

to catch … out {vb}

EN to catch out

1. general

to catch out (also: to bag, to pillage)
agarrar con las manos en la masa

2. "trick"

to catch out
agarrar {vb} [S. Cone] [coll.]
agarrar con las manos en la masa

3. "in wrongdoing"

to catch out (also: to get, to nab, to nobble, to pick up)
pescar {vb} [coll.]
to catch out (also: to clutch, to grapple, to grip, to pick up)
agarrar con las manos en la masa
coger {vb} [Spa.]

Context sentences for "to catch out" in Spanish

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Englishhistory, is always with you, ready to reach out and catch you — as he
vosotros dispuesto a extender su mano y agarraros -como lo hizo con el apóstol
EnglishThis is the only way that we will be able to catch the perpetrators out and show them the red card.
Es la única manera en que podremos capturar a los responsables y mostrarles la tarjeta roja.
EnglishThus even when the cod stocks are restored, there will be no viable industry to go out and catch them.
De modo que cuando se hayan recuperado las poblaciones de bacalao, no habrá una industria viable que pueda salir a capturarlo.