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EN to choke off
{transitive verb}

to choke off (also: to punctuate, to barge in)
to choke off (also: to cut, to cut down, to cut off, to cut out)
cortar {v.t.}

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EnglishAlso, the doubling of the fiscal consolidation effort called for in the survey is going to choke off any possibility of achieving the 2020 process goals.
Además, los esfuerzos de consolidación fiscal que se piden en la encuesta van a ahogar cualquier posibilidad de conseguir los objetivos del proceso de 2020.
EnglishBy regulation and debate, what we seek to do is to choke off the very spirit of innovation, the very spirit of entrepreneurship, and we have continued to do that today.
Con la legislación y los debates lo que hemos conseguido es acabar con el espíritu innovador, el espíritu empresarial en sí... y seguimos haciéndolo.