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1. general

He created man from dry clay like earthen vessels (as containers),
Ha creado al hombre de arcilla sonora, como cerámica,
Behold, your Lord said to the angels; Surely I am going to create a mortal from dust (or clay):
[Pues,] he ahí, que tu Sustentador dijo a los ángeles: “¡Ciertamente, voy a crear un ser humano de arcilla;
arcilla de alfarería
clay (also: mud, slush, pimple, earthenware)
Todos estos son ídolos con pies de barro.
We bear this gift in vessels of clay.
Llevamos este don en vasijas de barro.
Mr President, yet again in the case of Albania, Europe looked like an economic giant with political feet of clay.
Señor Presidente, también con respecto a Albania, Europa ha causado la impresión de un gigante económico con los pies políticos de barro.
alfar {m} (arcilla)
tesoquite {m} [Mex.]

2. trademark: "for children", American English

clay (also: plasticine)
plasticina {f} [S. Cone]

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EnglishHis old posse plugged him full of lead and left him under three feet of desert clay.
Su antiguo pelotón lo acribilló a balazos y lo dejó enterrado en la arena del desierto.
EnglishThat we may send down upon them stone of clay (or brimstones),
para descargar sobre ellos golpes contundentes de castigo,
EnglishTo pelt them with stones of baked clay,
que hicieron llover sobre ellos golpes contundentes de un castigo prescrito,
Englishthe spade sliced into the soft clay
la pala se hundió en la tierra blanda
EnglishAnd when We said to the angels, "Bow down before Adam;" and they bowed, save Iblis, who said, "Am I to bow before one whom Thou hast created out of clay (rigid and inert))?
Y, he ahí, que dijimos a los ángeles: “Postraos ante Adán” --y se postraron todos excepto Iblís.
EnglishSeveral clay minerals were tested which are also partly used as binding agents in the production of animal feedingstuffs.
Se han investigado diversos minerales arcillosos que puedan ser parcialmente utilizados como aglutinantes en la fabricación de comestibles para animales.
EnglishD in history from the United States, sold among other things, silver coins from the Second Temple period and 1,500 year old clay oil lamps.
Language May Have Helped Early Humans Spread Out of Africa The story of humanity's prehistoric expansion across the planet is recorded in our genes.
Englishclay pigeon shooting
Englishclay pigeon shooting
EnglishMr President, Commissioner, the Commission communications and the reports by Mr Busk and Mrs Attwooll show that the common fisheries policy is a giant with feet of clay!
En la PPC la Comisión tiene un gran poder político legislativo, pero instrumentos muy débiles, cosa que la propia Comisión debe reconocer.
EnglishThe situation on clay soil is different from that on peat, or sandy soil, and one soil type can also differ from Finland down to the heel of Italy.
La situación del suelo arcilloso es distinta de la del suelo turboso o de la del suelo arenoso, y un tipo de suelo también puede ser distinto en Finlandia que en el talón de Italia.
EnglishThe clay cylinder carries an account of how the Persian king Cyrus conquered Babylon in 539 B.C. and restored many of the people held captive by the Babylonians to their homelands.
Excavations carried out by environmental consultants SLR at the site suggest that the Romans may have made use of existing roads engineered by Iron Age Britons.