EN coil

1. general

coil (also: fake)
serpentín para calefacción por inducción
coil (also: circlet, lug, ring, tree ring)
coil (also: bun)
DIU {m} (dispositivo intrauterino)

2. "of hair"

coil (also: chignon, topknot, bun)
coil (also: bun, chignon, topknot)
chongo {m} [Mex.]

3. "of rope, wire, cable"

coil (also: log, round timber, bolt, plug)

4. "of smoke"


5. "single loop"

coil (also: noose, loop)

6. nautical science

coil (also: fake)
serpentín para calefacción por inducción

7. construction

Using single-coil pickups, you can achieve glassy clean sounds and punchy leads with ease.
Si utilizas pastillas de bobina simple, te permitirá obtener limpios sonidos cristalinos y solos impactantes con suma facilidad.

8. "contraceptive", British English

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EnglishOtherwise, we would not grow old, but would leave this mortal coil at the age of 15.
Si no fuera así, no llegaríamos a viejos, sino que dejaríamos este mundo a los quince años.