EN coloring

1. general


2. "of picture"

coloring (also: coloration, color, coloring, colour)

3. "of skin"

coloring (also: color, colour, colouring, dye)
el rojo no va con tu tez y el color de tus cabellos
coloring (also: cast, tinge, tint, tone)

4. "of fur, plumage"

coloring (also: coloration, color, coloring, colour)

5. "substance"

coloring (also: dyestuff, colouring)

6. "bias"

coloring (also: turn, slant, bias, colouring)
coloring (also: cast, dye, tinge, tint)

7. American English

coloring (also: colouring)
coloring (also: colouring)

Context sentences for "coloring" in Spanish

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EnglishChoose coloring, with bitmap textures if required, perspectives and illumination and you will create impressive 3D objects for your invitation cards, brochures and business cards.
Seleccione un diseño, incluso con textura bitmap, perspectiva e iluminación, y obtendrá impresionantes objetos en 3D para invitaciones, folletos y tarjetas de visita.