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EN don't bother

don't bother
no se moleste [form.] [ex.]
don't bother

Context sentences for "don't bother" in Spanish

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Englishdon't bother with the small fry, go to the top
no pierdas tiempo con los indios, vete derecho al jefe
EnglishI'm going to write to him — don't bother, I'll do it
voy a escribirle — deja, ya lo haré yo
Englishdon't bother wrapping it, I'll take it as it is
Englishdon't bother writing a long letter
no hace falta que escribas una carta larga
Englishdon't bother with the niceties
English Don't bother with this again
EnglishI don't bother cooking any more
Englishdon't bother him with your problems
Englishdon't bother your head about it
Englishdon't bother your head about it
Englishlook, leave it, don't bother
Englishdon’t bother me