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EN doughty

1. general

doughty (also: audacious, bodacious, bold, dauntless)
audaz {adj. m/f}
doughty (also: brave, courageous, spunky, mettled)
valiente {adj. m/f}
Mrs González has undoubtedly been a doughty fighter for the citizens of Spain and particularly for the environment of her beloved country.
González ha sido una valiente luchadora por los ciudadanos españoles y sobre todo por el medio ambiente de su amado país.

2. poetic


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English   Congratulations to our two rapporteurs, firstly Mrs Read, who has always been a doughty supporter of telecommunications.
   – Felicidades a nuestros dos ponentes, n primer lugar a la Sra. Read, que siempre ha sido una acérrima defensora de las telecomunicaciones.
Englishhis doughty deeds

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