draught {noun}

1. general
draught (also: draft)
2. "storage under pressure"
draught (also: draft)
3. "of water, beer"
draught (also: drink, swig, belt, draft)
4. nautical science
draught (also: draft)
5. "of air"
6. British English
draught (also: draft)
aire {m} (corriente)
draught (also: draft)
7. technology, British English
draught (also: draft)
8. games, British English
ficha {f} (de damas)

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Context sentences for "draught" in Spanish

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EnglishThere comes forth from her body a draught varying in hue, in which is a healing for mankind.
” [Y, he ahí, que] de sus vientres sale un líquido de variados tonos, que contiene una cura para los hombres.
EnglishThe use of fossil fuels on a massive scale took over from the energy for our draught animals, which was derived from plants.
El uso de combustibles fósiles a escala masiva sustituyó a la energía de nuestros animales de tiro, que se obtenía de las plantas.
Englisha sleeping draught
EnglishWe dislodged the first brick in the wall of communism and, through the crack we had opened, the draught swept out the entire communist system.
Nosotros retiramos el primer ladrillo del muro del comunismo y, a través de esa rendija, la fuga barrió el sistema comunista en su totalidad.
Englisha draught of poison