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to ease off {verb}

1. general
to ease off
aflojar {v.i.} (tormenta)
3. "accelerator, brake"
to ease off

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EnglishSo, I would suggest to Mr Moscovici not to ease off.
Por tanto, no hay que quedarse cruzado de brazos, señor Moscovici.
Englishease off him or you'll break his arm!
¡déjalo ya, que le vas a romper el brazo!
Englishease off, Jim; he's only a youngster
tranquilo Jim, no es más que un chico
Englishease off the criticism a little
EnglishWhen we give in and ease off this pressure, losing sight of the advantages for the European economy as a whole, then we are sealing ourselves off and putting our collective head in the sand.
Cuando cedemos y aliviamos dicha presión, perdiendo de vista las ventajas para la economía europea en su conjunto, nos estamos aislando y estamos enterrando nuestra cabeza colectiva en la arena.