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English   Mr President, women will undoubtedly be put under tremendous pressure to supply eggs.
   Señor Presidente, sin duda se presionará mucho a las mujeres para que donen óvulos.
English   – Mr President, of course I am against the trade in both organs and eggs.
   –Señor Presidente, estoy en contra, por supuesto, tanto del comercio de órganos como del de óvulos.
EnglishI am rather uneasy about the fact that we talk indiscriminately in terms of eggs, semen and embryos.
Me preocupa el hecho de que hablemos indiscriminadamente sobre óvulos, semen y embriones.
EnglishOf course, it is important not to put all our eggs in one basket.
Naturalmente, es importante no meter todo en el mismo saco.
Englishare you trying to teach your grandmother to suck eggs?
¿le estás queriendo enseñar a tu papá a ser hijo?
EnglishHowever, the point is that there is no evidence that Lukashenko is happy to place all his eggs in Moscow's basket.
Sin embargo, el caso es que nada indica que Lukashenko se contente jugándoselo todo a la carta de Moscú.
Englishyou can't make an omelette without breaking eggs
nada que valga la pena se logra sin crear conflictos
EnglishWe must put our eggs in the DDA basket first and foremost, and anything else should be seen as a digression from that.
Primero debemos poner nuestras esperanzas en la ADD, y todo lo demás debe considerarse una disgresión.
Englishyou can't make an omelet without breaking eggs
nada que valga la pena se logra sin crear conflictos
EnglishI cannot therefore support the idea of putting all the market's eggs in an anti-cyclical price policy basket.
Por todo ello, no puedo suscribir la idea de que la solución consista en aplicar una política de precios anticíclica.
EnglishWe Moderates do not believe that the issue of trading in human eggs should be dealt with in the manner of the current resolution.
No tiene sentido reclamar de manera categórica una prohibición del comercio de óvulos y embriones.
EnglishWomen who are unable to have children of their own will always be able to come to agreements with other women who are willing to donate eggs.
En el tema de las donaciones de óvulos intervienen muchas consideraciones éticas complejas.
EnglishMr President, each year hundreds of thousands of couples are sentenced to a childless life because the woman is unable to produce eggs.
Yo no era plenamente consciente de que los embriones podían producirse del mismo modo que el semen.
EnglishAdd the eggs to the mixture.
Panecillo: Amasar y hacer piezas de 3,5 kg cada una.
Englishare you trying to teach your grandmother to suck eggs?
Englishchickpeas with sausage boiled eggs and pine seeds
EnglishA great shortage of eggs will arise.
Englishto put all your eggs in one basket
Englishrice with fried eggs and banana fritters
Englishscrambled eggs with sea urchins