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1. linguistics

The vast majority were born in that country, work in that country but nevertheless are given the epithet 'non-citizens'.
La inmensa mayoría son personas nacidas en ese país, que trabajan en ese país y que, sin embargo, reciben el epíteto de "no ciudadanos".

2. "descriptive title"

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Englishhe gained the epithet of The Philosopher by which he is still known.
EnglishI would like to add another epithet: creative.
Y permítanme que añada otro calificativo: creativa.
EnglishI would like to add another epithet: creative.
EnglishDoes Mr Mandelson thus want to go down in history under the shameful epithet of someone who was responsible for starvation?
¿Acaso pretende el señor Mandelson entrar en los anales de la historia por hacer pasar hambre a millones de personas?
EnglishPerhaps 'redundant' is the most serious epithet, and you are not responsible for this.
"Redundante" quizás es el calificativo más grave, y usted no es responsable, es la responsabilidad del Parlamento.