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"firm ground" in Spanish

firm ground
  • tierra firme
  • terreno firme
firm grounding
  • conexión a tierra firme
  • firme puesta a tierra

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And once you engage low range, it feels unstoppable on firm ground.
Another part of the feeling is getting to come down and stand on firm ground.
Her retreat from that view reflects a belief that the economy is now on firm ground.
I am, however, not on firm ground, and there may be other considerations which change the picture.
It is these maps which mean the difference between buying a house which might fall down a hole, or one which sits on firm ground.
The drop in standards was apparent as there were teams that seemed be at sea though they were on firm ground.
Tractor manufacturers often tell tractor owners to add weights to the front of the tractor to help keep it on firm ground.
You'll be relieved to know that, politically and democratically, this stadium is on firm ground.
The school's firm ground required plenty of water to soften it up.
Madiba's words give us a compass in a sea of change, firm ground amidst swirling currents.
It offers students a firm grounding in the most essential marketing principles and how they relate to the various available mediums.
There are many important variables contributing to this advantage -- from innovation in teaching to a firm grounding in real-world applications.
Virtually all police academies include a firm grounding in understanding mental illness, the report said.
Whatever the merits or deficiencies of their respective analyses, they have a firm grounding in history.
Talking blandly about the future is cheap and evasive and doesn't need a firm grounding.
Stateside, he is far from a household name, but he does at least have the firm grounding for a major reputation.
Essential infrastructure provides a firm grounding upon which an economy can grow, enabling the transport of goods and services, as well as mobility for employers and employees alike.

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