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firm grounding
  • conexión a tierra firme
  • firme puesta a tierra

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It offers students a firm grounding in the most essential marketing principles and how they relate to the various available mediums.
There are many important variables contributing to this advantage -- from innovation in teaching to a firm grounding in real-world applications.
Virtually all police academies include a firm grounding in understanding mental illness, the report said.
Whatever the merits or deficiencies of their respective analyses, they have a firm grounding in history.
Talking blandly about the future is cheap and evasive and doesn't need a firm grounding.
Stateside, he is far from a household name, but he does at least have the firm grounding for a major reputation.
Essential infrastructure provides a firm grounding upon which an economy can grow, enabling the transport of goods and services, as well as mobility for employers and employees alike.

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