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firm guarantees
  • garantías firmes

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Believe me, no one who isn't dependent on medication will give you any firm guarantees for this airport...
While last year, an airport spokesman said only people on drugs could "give you any firm guarantees for this airport".
Our need for firm guarantees was one reason why the project was not started in the summer of 2000 but was delayed a further eight months.
Using an insurance broking firm guarantees you a good analysis of your portfolio, processing of your renewal and claims handling/settlement.
We will cooperate only with parties that will support our manifesto, but they will have to give firm guarantees.
But there are no firm guarantees on exactly what density will be allowed.
He offered no firm guarantees or specifics, however.

Context sentences for "firm guarantees" in Spanish

EnglishFlexibility is therefore acceptable on condition that there are firm rules, guarantees and compensatory mechanisms in place.
La flexibilidad, por tanto, puede aceptarse con la condición de que existan reglas estrictas, garantías y mecanismos de compensación.
EnglishHowever, there is no doubt that it will take months, or even years, and also firm guarantees of quality control for that confidence to be restored.
Sin duda alguna, se necesitarán meses, incluso años, y garantías sólidas del seguimiento de la calidad para recuperarla.
EnglishEnlargement of the Union is not conceivable economically or politically without firm guarantees in favour of the Union's existing poorest regions.
La ampliación de la Unión no es económica o políticamente concebible sin unas firmes garantías en favor de las actuales regiones más pobres de la Unión.
EnglishIf the strategy is applied in the way it is presented, it will provide firm, enforceable guarantees concerning respect for the rights which European citizens enjoy within the European Union.
Si la estrategia se aplica en el modo en que se presenta, ofrecerá garantías sólidas y exigibles en cuanto al respeto de los derechos que los ciudadanos europeos disfrutan en la Unión Europea.

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