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first prize {noun}

1. games
first prize (also: jackpot)
gordo {m} (premio mayor)

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EnglishFirst prize was won by the 'Train for Europe' project from Germany.
El primer premio lo ganó el proyecto "Tren para Europa" de Alemania.
EnglishUnfortunately, there seem to be rather a lot of people here in the Chamber competing for first prize.
Lamentablemente, parece haber bastantes personas en esta Cámara que compiten por el primer premio.
EnglishThey received first prize in a restricted competition and it’s expected to be completed by 2012.
Recibieron el primer premio en un concurso restringido y la fecha prevista para su terminación es el 2012.
EnglishHe was awarded first prize with his entry ‘Urbs’, which is reminiscent of some of his previous projects.
Fue galardonado con el primer premio por su entrada ‘Urbs’, una reminiscencia de muchos de sus proyectos anteriores.
Englishthe first prize is worth a hundred thousand euros
el primer premio está dotado con cien mil euros
EnglishWinners of the first Young Darwin Prize were announced at a prestigious event in the Natural History Museum.
Los ganadores del primer Premio Joven Darwin fueron anunciados en un prestigioso evento en el Museo de Historia Natural.
Englishhe was the lucky winner of the first prize
Englishher novel was awarded first prize
su novela fue galardonada con el primer premio
Englishshe won first prize in the competition
Englishthe first prize is a beautiful hamper
EnglishTel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building was the First Prize Winner in the Herta and Paul Amir International Competition.
El Museo de Tel Aviv del Edificio de Arte Amir fue el Ganador del Primer Premio en el Concurso Internacional Herta y Pablo Amir.
Englishher novel won first prize
su novela fue galardonada con el primer premio
Englishhe was awarded joint first prize
Englishhe won first prize — well, well!
Englishhe won first prize — get away!
EnglishIt is also a great pleasure for me to welcome the winners of the first Charlemagne Youth Prize to the European Parliament today.
Es asimismo un gran placer dar la bienvenida al Parlamento Europeo a los ganadores del primer Premio Europeo Carlomagno de la Juventud.
Englishshe walked off with first prize
Englishhe won first prize
Englishjoint first prize

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