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fiscal gap
  • brecha fiscal

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A mini-blitz of a fresh infrastructure spending has begun to plug the fiscal gap.
Inflation would be climbing up further with printing of more money by the government to meet the fiscal gap, he added.
It presents five options for closing the fiscal gap "as fast as possible" that the commission believes has broad political and community support.
Small, arbitrary and need-based selling, just to plug the fiscal gap, will not help fulfil these objectives.
The city has been looking to trim costs to deal with its deficit, known as the fiscal gap.
Discussions focused on the key fiscal actions to close the fiscal gap in 2016 and structural measures to underpin revenue mobilization and enhance expenditure management.
The borrowing trend shows the fiscal gap will be higher than the target while the shortfall in tax revenues can aggravate the situation further.
During 2006, the fiscal gap continued to swell rapidly and now stands at ca. $53 trillion.
The fiscal gap isn't affected by fiscal labeling.

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