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EnglishAnd in my view, and in the view of the PPE, this is a different kettle of fish.
Y aquí, mi opinión y la del Grupo del PPE es diferente.
EnglishThat is another kettle of fish altogether. Please remember that, ladies and gentlemen.
No mezclen, Señorías, las churras con las merinas.
Englishthat's another kettle of fish! if you're paying, I will go
¡eso es otra cosa! si tú invitas sí que voy
EnglishFinancial services are a different kettle of fish.
Los servicios financieros son de otra índole.
EnglishThat is quite a different kettle of fish.
EnglishThat is another kettle of fish, however.
Englishthat's a different kettle of fish

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