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fishing guide
  • guía de pesca

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Hire a fishing guide and try to catch a wahoo or a giant swordfish.
The catfish, which was landed with the help of a fishing guide and a 100kg braided line, is the biggest caught on the river so far this year.
It said he had matured, demonstrated remorse and had a clean record in his side work as a fishing guide.
He has been a sport fishing guide for 26 years.
Still, they say what he talked about seemed a little out of place for a fishing guide with two tourists.
See our recreational fishing guide for all the fishing rules or pick up a copy from one of our offices or a fishing tackle store.
There have been attempts in the past by a few gents to establish a viable fishing guide industry.
In the bay, a fishing guide boat had six strikes for four tagged fish.
He wants to be a fisherman and a fishing guide when he gets older.
Working as a fishing guide has enabled me to access some truly remote waters.

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