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"fits of giggles" in Spanish

fits of giggles
  • ajustes de risitas
  • ataques de risas

Context sentences for "fits of giggles" in English

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And with that, both actors fall into fits of giggles.
Bursting into fits of giggles, she reveals that if was far from plain sailing.
She pretends to be frightened, prompting us into fits of giggles.
Is there anything more contagious than the sound of a baby in fits of giggles?
Perhaps a taste for "tat" signals an economy in the later stages of capitalism which finds solace in fits of giggles.
Fits of giggles, where a person just can't stop laughing, are not dangerous to your health.
A lightsaber battle is marked by fits of giggles and general malarky.
And with that the two descend into further fits of giggles about their respective tour playlists and favourite on-bus movies.
He has the congregation in fits of giggles as he tells a series of anecdotes of their "adventures together".

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