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flashing gang signs
  • señales de pandillas intermitentes
  • señales de pandillas parpadeantes

Context sentences for "flashing gang signs" in English

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Delgado and his cohort ran toward the victims' car shouting gang slogans and flashing gang signs.
Putrid garbage is strewn beneath the barred windows, with inmates peering out and flashing gang signs between sheets, shirts, shoes and shower towels hung out to dry.
Gibson said the teens were flashing gang signs, and that she was told by a police officer it may have been a gang initiation.
Photos of the incident depicted attendees at this party flashing gang signs and dressed in costumes intended to make them look like gang members.
The defense claims that the man is flashing gang signs in the pictures.
Day party had guests flashing gang signs and holding watermelon-shaped cups.
Abner was in his car when a van pulled up and people started flashing gang signs.
A van pulled alongside his car and the people inside the van began flashing gang signs, police said.

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