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food grain
  • grano de alimentos

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In 2010-11, food grain production touched 244.78 million tonnes.
With technological improvements, food grain production is obviously expected to go up.
During 2010-2011 the food grain production of the country was 120 million tonnes.
It is into food grain business -- chiefly rice, besides edible oil and cattle feed.
He claimed that 1,40,000 quintals of food grain supply is being ensured to many areas.
It can improve efficiency of logistics in the storage and movement of food grain.
It may also be more difficult to replicate the model for food grain producers.
More over the volatility of the international commodity market makes it very costly to purchase food grain.
The food grain wastage owing to the shortage is estimated at around 20% to 30% of the total harvest.
Though at the moment, there is surplus food grain; but there will be situations where droughts and poor monsoons can lead to shortage.

Context sentences for "food grain" in Spanish

EnglishTwo studies measured the change in whole grain food intake and one of them also change in cereal fibre intake.
Dos estudios midieron el cambio en la ingesta de alimentos integrales y uno de ellos también midió el cambio en la ingesta de fibra de cereales.
EnglishMoreover, a more sensible balance regarding the use of grain for food supply and energy production needs to be achieved.
Asimismo, es necesario lograr un equilibrio más sensato en relación con el uso de cereales para suministro de alimentos y para producción energética.

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