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football game
  • partido de fútbol
  • juego de fútbol

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And that wouldn't have happened if there had been a blown call in a football game.
It's a performance that you don't expect to win a football game.
The next month, a man fell about 25ft (7.6m) over a staircase railing at a football game; he was not seriously injured.
Time management is a crucial consideration in running a business as well as a football game.
We weren't knocking someone over, asking if they're okay and picking them up -- we're here to win a football game.
You need to know, when you watch a football game, what the score is.
Frankly, they're even more likely to go to a football game as an adult, just because they took part in organized sports.
It's going to be a heck of a football game with a great atmosphere.
And then a football game becomes a game and hotel room, and this and that.
The crowds, cheerleaders and mascots are not here for a football game or a basketball tournament.

Context sentences for "football game" in Spanish

EnglishFootball is the game of Europe, it is Europe’s most prominent spectator sport.
El fútbol es el juego de Europa, es el deporte de Europa con mayor número de espectadores.
EnglishA football game which is being played this very evening illustrates why these amendments are important.
Un partido de fútbol que se está jugando esta misma tarde ilustra por qué estas enmiendas son importantes.
EnglishI can't bear to sit through a football game on television
no me mamo un partido de fútbol por televisión
EnglishIt exists for the interests of football and it is important to recognise that all profits reverted to the game of football.
Su existencia está al servicio del fútbol y es importante reconocer que los beneficios revirtieron sobre este deporte.
EnglishThe Council's attitude in this game of football seems to be not to worry about the ball but to get on with the game.
La actitud del Consejo en este partido de fútbol parece ser la de no preocuparse por el balón, sino por seguir con el partido.
EnglishFinally, I have not so far mentioned football, but I have to mention one aspect and that is that football is a game of two halves and even extra time.
Por último, hasta ahora no he mencionado el fútbol, pero he de decir que se trata de un juego de dos tiempos e incluso con prórrogas.
EnglishPrime Minister, you have however shown that, in politics just as in football, a game can still turn even if substitutions are not made until it has gone into extra time.
Primer Ministro, no obstante ha mostrado usted que, en la política al igual que en el fútbol, se puede dar la vuelta a un resultado incluso aunque los cambios no lleguen hasta la prórroga.
English   Mr President, I just want to clarify that the bomb attack against Mr Anastasiadis was not carried out for political motives but because of comments he made after a football game.
   Señor Presidente, solo quiero aclarar que el atentado contra el Sr. Anastasiadis no obedece a motivos políticos, sino a unos comentarios que hizo después de un partido de fútbol.
EnglishLet us build an African team made up of good players, of winners, and let us give the African team the chance of winning this football game in the second half of the 2015 match for the MDGs.
Construyamos un equipo africano formado por buenos jugadores, por ganadores, y démosle la oportunidad de ganar este partido en la segunda parte del encuentro 2015 por los ODM.