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force a government
  • forzar a un gobierno

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However, it is entirely opposition's duty to force government to move in the right direction.
They can mobilise themselves through various mediums to force government to do on their promises to help youth uplift themselves.
They have subsequently gone on a demonstration to force government to yield to their demands.
They knew that managing public finances to force government to live within its means was the prudent thing to do.
Traders across the country have threatened to close their shops for three days to force government to address their grievances.
Tsondru explained that the court case's major function was to force government to share both the reasoning behind, and financial details of, the nuclear deal.
We have constitutionally mandatory ways to force government to pay our money.
What plans do you have to force government to accede to your demand?
Freedom of religion could be reinterpreted to force the government to finance the building of churches, synagogues and mosques.
She launched a campaign in the courts to force the government to ban the sale of acid without a special permit.

Context sentences for "force a government" in Spanish

EnglishWe cannot intervene or force a government to change its policy.
No podemos intervenir ni obligar a un gobierno a cambiar su política.
EnglishOnly in this way can consumers force the government in each country to change its ossified systems.
Solo de esta manera los consumidores pueden obligar al Gobierno de cada país a cambiar sus arcaicos sistemas.
EnglishThe European Union has yet to take any effective steps to force the government in Khartoum to stop committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.
La Unión Europea todavía tiene que tomar medidas efectivas para obligar al Gobierno de Jartum a dejar de cometer crímenes de guerra y crímenes contra la humanidad.

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