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force the grower
  • forzar al cultivador

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I guess they think holding out as long as they can will force growers to accept their contracts.
That is an improvement over the past two years of zero deliveries, but it still will force growers to pump groundwater and buy water from other districts.
Temperatures fell into the low 20s during the freeze, forcing growers to turn to irrigation and wind machines to propel warm air through the fields.
Other issues affecting the crop appear to be erratic maturity, which could extend the harvest and force growers to shake trees more than once.
Several severe frosts had forced growers to turn on their sprinklers which had limited the damage to just some minor leaf burning.
Forcing growers down a certain path is setting back miller relations 20 years.
It is the economics of having to go deeper and deeper for groundwater that will ultimately force growers to retire land.
Like most other vegetables, the crop is also attacked by insect pests and diseases forcing the growers to spray insecticide and fungicide that often results in chemical residues.
These factors had forced the growers to sell their produce to the private buyers and traders who were fixing atrocious rates.
Less water would force growers to make choices about what to protect.?

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