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foreign goods
  • bienes extranjeros

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I remembered many, many years ago when there was an embargo on foreign goods.
It is a very bad thing to rely so much on foreign goods.
So, for example, his solution on international trade, he proposed earlier a 45 percent tariff on foreign goods.
The dollar's strength also should translate into lower prices on foreign goods.
Ghanaians have developed the taste for foreign goods, putting a strain on scarce foreign exchange earnings.
I then begun to understand how much this is country is losing in this so-called taste for foreign goods.
Jamaicans essentially have inelastic demand for foreign goods.
The issue at stake here is spending our scarce forex and not the definition of items that qualify for foreign goods.
It can help facilitate an increase in domestic demand, some of which may be for foreign goods and services.
That latter factor is expected to lead to higher inflation, as households have to pay more in sterling for foreign goods and services.

Context sentences for "foreign goods" in Spanish

EnglishMoreover, the Slovak Government is not prepared to suspend the 10 % import levy on foreign goods.
Además, el Gobierno tampoco está dispuesto a suprimir la tasa del 10 % a la importación de productos extranjeros.

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