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formal gathering
  • reunión formal

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He taught me how to dress up for a formal gathering, the different kinds of handshakes and what they mean.
Instead, go for blue or charcoal grey suit when attending a formal gathering.
When he buys liquor, and then brings more than he plans to consume to a formal gathering.
It was the first formal gathering of the society's 200 members since the wildfire.
The meeting was the first formal gathering of all the parties to work toward a resolution to the problem.
Bertschi explained the committee meeting is a less formal gathering of council where councillors have an opportunity to discuss items prior to them being brought to council for decision.
However, when it came to a formal gathering later in the day the pair transformed into their finery and warmly greeted other attendees.
The meal, the directors agreed, would be their last formal gathering.
The exhibit opened yesterday with a formal gathering and it will run for 14 weeks.

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