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four-car garage
  • garaje para cuatro coches

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Among the house's amenities are a four-car garage, a theater and movie room, an entertainment bar, a pool house.
Built in 2015, it features nine-foot-ceilings, a theatre/media room downstairs, a wraparound covered veranda and a four-car garage.
Getting around the house seems like a doddle, with a four-car garage, lift and glass walkbridge - perfect for making an entrance.
It boasts six bedrooms, six full bathrooms and two half bathrooms, a four-car garage, four fireplaces and bay views.
It has a glass elevator, a four-car garage, and a fully glassed-in kitchen and living room.
Other features in the home include a monitored security system, a four-car garage, central air conditioning, three full baths and two half baths.
The property features an exercise room, a rec room and a media area, as well as a four-car garage.
The property has 330 feet of water frontage and includes a main house, a 1,200-square-foot guest house and a four-car garage.
There are separate guest quarters and a four-car garage.
There's a four-car garage, wine cellar and a pool.

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