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fractal geometry
  • geometría fractal

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Fractal geometry can also provide a way to understand complexity in "systems" as well as just in shapes.
Mandelbrot, who passed away last week, is likely to be remembered as the founder of fractal geometry but had significant insights into the investment world.
The origins of modern fields of computing, graphics, chaos theory, and fractal geometry can largely be attributed to active (and guided) psychedelic use.
Software that uses fractal geometry to determine whether a mole is melanoma is new.
A mobile app that uses the camera to analyze moles for potential melanoma using fractal geometry as an aid to physician decision-making.
The architecture of any efficient system must comprise many smaller volume elements and branches, like in fractal geometry.
Fractal geometry was used to follow the evolutionary relationships between tens of thousands of tetrapods: mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
They might have visual hallucinations, see fractal geometry, maybe animals and landscapes.
Once your minds' eye is sensitive to fractal geometry, you see it everywhere.
The timing and sizes of earthquakes and the variation in a person's heartbeat and the prevalence of diseases are just three cases in which fractal geometry can describe the unpredictable.

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