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fresh ginger
  • jengibre fresco

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Be careful not to go overboard, fresh ginger is powerful stuff.
Fresh ginger is cheaper than air-dried ginger, but risks during transport are higher.
Boil the chicken meat with the salt, sugar, fresh ginger and 1 to 2 shallots.
We're using fresh garlic, fresh ginger and seasonings.
Roughly chop the fresh ginger and onions then place in a food processor with the bread, coriander and fish.
Stick the cloves into the fresh ginger and place in the saucepan and follow with the cranberries, cinnamon stick and chili.
Mix 1 gm of rock salt with 5 gms of fresh ginger chewed together twice a day during morning and night will reduce flatulence.
You can also infuse it with a ginger flavour by placing slices of fresh ginger in the cavity if you're not stuffing the gobbler.
And fresh ginger amounts are often given as "a one-inch piece," or some such nonsense.

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