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fresh grapes
  • uvas frescas

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These are: fresh grapes, frozen salmon, fresh blueberries, frozen trout, fresh plums, smoked fish and dried apples.
These vineyards strictly follow organic farming practices to ensure the production of chemical-free, fresh grapes.
This process allows the plant to still produce fresh grapes until late in the season.
Every year the promotional program is developed in an effort to regain volume that was filled in the off-season by other countries that produce fresh grapes.
Shipments of fresh grapes ranked second with 10.1% of the share.
Antiseptic fresh garlic and tea tree essential oil, reinforced with deeply cleansing kaolin and fresh grapes, are aided by softening honey and free-range eggs.
People only find it in wine, which is odd given that fresh grapes are a few steps closer than wine to the soil.
Convenience is key for consumers, as they can grab a bag of fresh grapes, rinse through its built-in colander and enjoy!
Isn't it curious that nobody ever declares to have detected a mineral taste in fresh grapes?

Context sentences for "fresh grapes" in Spanish

EnglishWine of fresh grapes; grape must with fermentation arrested by the addition of alcohol
Vinos de uva; mosto de uva & amp; #x00AB; apagado & amp; #x00BB; con alcohol (incluidas las mistelas)
EnglishIn accordance with all current foodstuffs legislation in Europe, wine is a drink that is produced from the fermentation of fresh grapes.
El vino es, según todos los códigos vigentes en Europa sobre productos alimenticios, una bebida que se obtiene a partir de la fermentación de uva fresca.
EnglishWine is emphatically not a form of alcohol manufactured through industrial processes but a drink produced through the natural fermentation of fresh grapes.
No, el vino no es una forma de alcohol producido mediante procesos industriales, sino una bebida nacida de la fermentación natural de uvas frescas.

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