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friendly ghost
  • fantasma amistoso

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Hopey -- it's a friendly ghost, but we digress...
It is just a sense that comes upon me from time to time and is something more like the apprehension of a friendly ghost.
It's a friendly ghost, from what we can make out.
Mark said he and his wife would tell their three (now grown-up) children the home was haunted, but by a friendly ghost.
The spirit in the hospital, according to the team, is not a friendly ghost.
Still, the friendly ghost of her late brother haunts the business and its leader.
There was an air of excitement back then, probably because the friendly ghost of that space's former resident, jane's on the common, divined the restaurant with goodwill and great memories.
In the film, she plays a friendly ghost who gets stuck in a tree due to some unfinished business from a past life.
Little does he know that he ended up marrying a friendly ghost who has an unfinished business in her past life.

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