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frightened girl
  • chica asustada

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The frightened girl raised an alarm following which her parents, who had their berth elsewhere in the compartment, rushed to her.
The frightened girl was clinging on to her granddad.
The discussion was non-political and focused on the recollections of a frightened girl during one of the most devastating periods of the 1900s.
Rosie is at once a victim and a schemer, a woman who uses anyone she can and a frightened girl in search of safety.
The frightened girl ran to the neighbour's house and told them what she had seen.
The frightened girl told me she did not know where she was, but she was in a shack with no windows and a bed with no furniture.
Samina was still a frightened girl of 14 when she went through the formal wedding ceremony which marked her transition from her parents' house to that of her husband.
Manisha snapped at the frightened girl as she grabbed her by the shoulders.

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