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"front gate" in Spanish

front gate
  • puerta de entrada
  • puerta principal

Context sentences for "front gate" in English

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Four of his team were injured in the explosion just 150 yards from the front gate of their checkpoint.
He then crashed his car into the front gate of his girlfriend's house before leaving the scene.
So we went to the front gate of the military airport.
Starting at the front gate of the house, facing outwards, turn left and walk to the end of the wall.
All up, he's lost 1400 sheep over seven years, and says they all seem to be going out the front gate.
And the celebrations don't stop at the front gate.
The owner allegedly told the boy to exit the property through the front gate.
They went out and saw the men at the front gate.
Mashamaite explained that the front gate is broken due to vandalism by drug addicts.