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fruit garden
  • jardín de frutas

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In a short span of a year they have, along with the in-house gardeners, created a community vegetable and fruit garden.
There's also a vegetable and fruit garden, apple trees, meandering lawns and two sheds.
Kumar began creating a "fruit garden" on four acres, planting exotic and indigenous trees.
Telangana's horticulture department is encouraging citizens to use their rooftops as a vegetable/fruit garden.
If you fancy this idea but want to pick fruit all summer why not set up your own fruit garden.
It was clearly once a beautiful fruit garden.
He symbiotically merged fruit garden, fernery, indoor garden, avenues and boulevards to develop it into a comprehensive palace orchard garden.

Context sentences for "fruit garden" in Spanish

EnglishIt is not PVC, but particularly vegetable, fruit and garden waste which is generating the chlorine compounds.
No es el PVC, sino especialmente los residuos de verduras, frutas y jardines lo que cuenta para los compuestos clorados.

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