fuck {noun}

1. vulgar
fuck (also: screw)
fuck (also: screw)
follada {f} [Spa.] [vulg.]
2. "act", vulgar
fuck (also: poke)
cogida {f} [Mex.] [vulg.]

Context sentences for "fuck" in Spanish

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Englishwhere the fuck do you expect me to get that from?
¿de dónde chingados quieres que lo saque?
Englishwhat the fuck!
¿repetir la escena? ¡me cago en la mar!
Englishhe knows fuck-all about it
Englishto not give a fuck
Englishfor fuck's sake
Englishto fuck over
Englishto fuck off
EnglishI don't give a fuck
Englishto fuck off