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fulfil the goal
  • cumplir el objetivo

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A leader must possess soft skills and have emotional intelligence so as to creatively bring all institutional cogs or parts together to fulfil goals.
The objectives are not clear and that has made it impossible to fulfil goals, she said.
Luckily we never had to cope with this technology or use all this meaningless jargon: personal development plans, aims and objectives, fulfilling goals, assessments.
With the quality of players we've got here, hopefully we can go on to fulfil the goals we have for this season.
To fulfil the goal, the company will expand its business to teach people how to be a good wife, husband, parent, daughter- in-law and son-in-law.
It's not just the overseas holidays and creature comforts that are being sidelined, but some of the most joyous and fulfilling goals and milestones.
Proceeding as a class action fulfilled the goals of access to justice and judicial economy.
He has fulfilled the goals he set for himself four years ago - to inspire a nation and be remembered.
Fulfilling a goal can take money and time, but both are worth it to feel satisfied with life.

Context sentences for "fulfil the goal" in Spanish

EnglishIn our effort to fulfil the principle of territorial cohesion, we must better fulfil the goal of territorial cooperation and the standard procedures.
En nuestro esfuerzo por cumplir con el principio de cohesión territorial, debemos lograr un mejor cumplimiento del objetivo de cooperación territorial y los procedimientos comunes.

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