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full-length gowns
  • vestidos largos
  • vestidos de cuerpo entero

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Although the stars will wear full-length gowns tonight, know that, underneath the 12 layers of tulle, most will have one leg crossed in front of the other.
But when she steps into the gorgeous full-length gowns we've got her and in front of the camera she switches into diva mode, in the best sense of the word.
Clad in full-length gowns, and never having changed a car tyre before, the four friends showed true women's institute spirit by all pitching in.
What unfolded as the glitterati filtered into the space could be described as nothing less than a whiplash-inducing parade of pretty full-length gowns in every color of the rainbow.
There's a small selection of full-length gowns, but it's mainly shorter party dresses.
She comes back with formal photographs of herself in full-length gowns in front of a suspiciously perfect sunset.
Women are to wear fully lined full-length gowns with gloves, very tiny handbags and crowns or tiaras.

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