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fun game
  • juego divertido

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It's a fun game, trying to figure out what these two guys eat.
It's a fun game, where players need to manage their resources carefully in order to win.
Wouldn't that be a fun game/tournament to sell to hockey fans?
You have to think of your story structure but also how that is incorporated into gameplay to make it a fun game.
It is a fun game to attempt to master, but that is where the fault of the game lies.
It was always a fun game to play with a load of other people, but this version just doesn't keep that, even as a multiplayer.
This is a fun game to see how well your friends and family know you and your partner.
And it's a fun game that involves swinging on a swing and transferring champagne into a glass.
It was such a fun game that we kept playing with the features, having a good time.

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