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fundamentalist groups
  • grupos fundamentalistas

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Any groups which try to help women will have problems with extremist and fundamentalist groups.
However, the courts are under pressure from extremist and fundamentalist groups.
More than a hundred and twenty people have died in the attacks in civilian areas that have been blamed upon fundamentalist groups.
We all together encourage police to watch closely to identify religious fundamentalist groups.
They share a lot of similarities with dangerous fundamentalist groups.
He said religious fundamentalist groups injected violence into general strikes.
Fundamentalist groups are there to fill the void.
Fundamentalist groups everywhere have made extensive use of new commu-nications technologies.
Perhaps, but 14 years of the "war on terror" has culminated in fundamentalist groups who are more extreme and powerful than ever.
Unfortunately, these fundamentalist groups target poor and lonely people.

Context sentences for "fundamentalist groups" in Spanish

EnglishSometimes, sportswomen from these countries are even threatened by fundamentalist groups.
En parte, las deportistas de estos países son incluso amenazadas por grupos fundamentalistas.
EnglishAfter all, Eastern Europe is hardly a spawning ground for fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups.
Después de todo, Europa oriental no es un caldo de cultivo para los grupos terroristas fundamentalistas islámicos.
EnglishThe Pakistani Government should put an end to its support for the Taliban regime and the fundamentalist groups.
Es absolutamente necesario que el Gobierno pakistaní deje de apoyar al régimen de los talibán y los movimientos fundamentalistas.
EnglishDisaffected soldiers and fundamentalist Muslim groups are mainly the ones to blame for serious violations of human rights.
Se están cometiendo serios atentados contra los derechos humanos, sobre todo por parte de militares desleales y grupos islamistas.
EnglishBoth countries were run by fundamentalist Islamic groups, something which external forces wanted to put an end to in both cases.
Ambos países estaban gobernados por grupos islámicos fundamentalistas, algo a lo que fuerzas exteriores deseaban poner fin en ambos casos.
EnglishI was greatly shocked by the news that the Church which I belong to has associated itself with the most fundamentalist groups which exist in society.
Me parece horrible que la Iglesia a la que pertenezco se haya asociado a los grupos fundamentalistas que existen en la sociedad.
EnglishAt the same time, however, we also notice the emergence of an increasing number of fundamentalist Muslim groups which are opposed to freedom of religion in Indonesia.
Al mismo tiempo, sin embargo, también debemos tener en cuenta el creciente número de grupos fundamentalistas islámicos que se oponen a la libertad religiosa en Indonesia.
EnglishGirls and women cannot train in these countries, are prevented from participating by dress codes, often threatened by fundamentalist groups and of course not nominated.
Las mujeres no pueden prepararse, se las impide mediante normas de vestuario, con frecuencia son amenazadas por grupos fundamentalistas y naturalmente no se las nomina.

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