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funding gap
  • déficit de financiación
  • brecha de financiación

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A transparent and accountable system, backed by adequate legislation will bridge the funding gap.
It is examining ways of dealing with the funding gap.
The private sector therefore needs to be encouraged and helped to fill the funding gap.
Pasadena will issue bonds to help plug a $74 million funding gap in the fund.
The hospital overcame a $5 million funding gap in the current budget by identifying more than 80 revenue-generating and cost-saving initiatives.
Sunday closures were a measure to close that funding gap.
Eskom is struggling to plug a 225 billion-rand funding gap required to build new plants and maintain existing ones.
However, de-risking also means that fewer assets can earn the higher return that is needed to plug the large funding gap.
At the same time, state companies stepped in to fill a large funding gap left by the commercial banks.
They provide money to start-up, capital to expand or funds to bridge a funding gap.

Context sentences for "funding gap" in Spanish

EnglishIn addition, together we need to solve the 2007 funding gap.
Además, tenemos que resolver juntos el problema del déficit de financiación para 2007.
EnglishThe truth is that without European cohesion funding, the gap between rich and poor regions would widen.
La verdad es que sin financiación europea para la política de cohesión, la brecha entre regiones ricas y regiones pobres se ampliaría.